Have you ever watched the movie "Wall-E"? The female star robot, named, Eve, was programmed to search the giant-dumped planet (our Earth) for something super spectacular. At that time the earth were only filled with scraped rusty metals, and junks, no green left. Then Eve's eyes widen when the male star robot, named, "Wall-E", show her what would be the last green tiny plant. Eve went nuts and took the only survival plant back to her spaceship.

So this morning I closely look at my bathtub drain hole; there was some thing poking up from it. It was a tip of a plant. That might not be a surprise to you, but if I tell you that I found this incident in our bathroom of our second floor. This tiny weed/plant creep up through the dark drain tunnel (2 floor up) to get the peek of light. What a mighty flora !!! I don't know what to do with it yet in our drain hole. Will it break our pipe... I don't know and I hope not but at least I am grateful for this tiny persevered miracle. What do ya think?


Joan said...

Strange thing happen. I once rented a house with a group of friends for the summer. A plant grew throught the inside of the house up to the second floor and out the air-conditioning vent in one of the bedrooms. Not only did it survive being without light, it survived the cold air-conditioning!

Helen Percy Lystra said...