Landscape Project -- Krabi, Thailand

This is a mini art trading card, 2.5x3.5 inch watercolor of an island in the south of Thailand.  This card goes to Jeanne in California.


Landscape project -- Lohdalem & Tonsay bay, Thailand

This ATC (2.5x3.5 inch art card) is with Joan in New York now.  It is a scene from the southern island in Krabi province of Thailand.   Ref. image by Greg Napp, on Flickr creative commons.


#41 WorldWide SketchCrawl

Originally we had planed to join the Bangkok Sketchers group activity workshop at Cafe Cassia in Sukhumvit area of Bangkok to sketch on SketchCrawl#41 day.  However, many things happen to our little family  i.e. an accident and the kid's sickness, so we were quite tired and started our SketchCrawl Sat Oct. 19  late in afternoon.   So I decided to bring my little family to a short bookstore trip in downtown Bangkok instead.  Here are some of my quick ink sketches of downtown area of Bangkok i.e Erawan shrine, and X'Mas tree preparation in front of Central World.


Long time no see...

Well, my title is a bit broken English for Thai people... pardon me... but I truly mean that.  As we have to deal with our hyper second child... so my time to blogging was lagging but I try to keep it alive again.

Here are some part of life-sketching from the list of Scavanger Hunt#320 on Wetcanvas.com.  Recently I just got a few of Copic markers to play it so I enjoy learning to use them here and there in my sketches.

The little red fabric bag is a Thai hilltribe handcraft done as a write bag... for you to put your keys in and wrap it around your wrist while you go jogging.  It works out pretty nice for me if I head out for a walk/jog.


Day 3 -- Garbage truck & more blooming weed

I sketched a garbage truck parking at one corner of our campus.  Also near by, there is a big cluster bushes of this type of blooming weed.  I had to sketch this.  I end the day with a cold cup of Chrysanthemum tea and some Thai sweet.

Day 2 -- Beautiful weed

This weed grows in front of our house by bird seeding.  It has wonderful red & yellow spot cluster flowers, very fastinating.  I actually sketched this on Jan 2nd but I forgot to change the rubber date stamp.

Day 1 -- Tea pot & a unique home

I restart Brenda's Swenson 75-day sketch challenge again.  I hope I can finish the challenge this time.

We had a family dim-sum meal at Mei-Yuan Chinese restaurant as a part of our family New Year celebration.  So I sketch the tea pot  & cup with Chrynsanthemum tea.

After the dim-sum, we took advantage of Bangkok's empty road during New Year long holidays by driving by further neighborhood.  Tone and I were fascinated with this unique home, a combination of rustic stone on the bottom floor and the art deco cover on the 2nd floor.