Today I did an acrylics still-life on 10x12 inch canvas as a part of Wetcanvas.com Scavenger Hunt#154. I am not quite familiar with this medium but it was fun. This took about 1 hour.


Art show -- Siam Center Mall

I had been busy taking my five plein air paintings to frame since last week and dropped them to the event organizer on Saturday. Tone and I went to the Siam Center, the downtown mall in Bangkok to see them in the show yesterday. They were a part of architecture show meant to record and preserve old beautiful buildings along Chao Praya river. My 'sketchcrawl' friends and I had previously done plein air of old temples, mosque, houses in the same area as well. So the organizer put our art works as a part of preservation effort by free-style plein air artists like us. I am very happy. They did a big poster of the preservation area with our Bangkok Sketchcrawl art group details on it and had our blog addresses printed on the wall of the exhibition too. The proceed of paintings and postcards will go toward activities to raise public awareness of old building preservation. I feel so happy to see them hung in real space. The show will be on display during Nov 9-13 at Atrium#2, first floor Siam Center and then during Nov 14-22 at ASA Center, the fifth floor, Siam Discovery.

Two years ago I was supposed to hang two of my works with the Thai watercolor society but somehow with the management problem, the society canceled the show in the last minutes. So from then on, I will not believe that my works will be included in the art show until I'll see them hang in real space. I'd like to thank Tone, my No#1 art patron, my friends in Bangkok Sketchcrawl group, and Wetcanvas friends for art encouragement and inspiration.

The first top three photos are taken from the real event and the bottom photo was taken at home with Miss Iris.