These are the two watercolor art trading cards I did for an art exchange project on Wetcanvas. I am glad both arrived to Canada, and India safely. The two cards were done from public-domain photos on flickr by ibobvw, and twoblueday respectively.

I first did not think of anything much except their happy colors attracted me to paint until my arty friend, Rose, point it out that I was longing to something in my childhood. May be that has some truth in it but my childhood in a very modest upbringing in a quite modest country like Thailand could not be that bright and charming as depicted in the referenced photos. Yes, I did ride some carousels here, but it was so old looking, old enough that it did not register any vivid memory in my mind.

I am glad that after thirty something years of upbringing now I can show a very nice mini carousel to my daughter in an American style fancy shopping mall near our house. The ironic is that Iris was scared of it when I put her on it four months ago. I will definitely try to put Iris on a carousel again soon. After all, every child deserves to have a happy memory on a carousel.

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