End of year Sketching Spree -- Old Warehouse

Tone and I have been driven by these clusters of old warehouse on CharoenNakorn Road, Bangkok for so many years.  I was too shy to stop by to sketch.  However, today, Tone and I were ready to stop by during a very quiet Thai New Year holiday weekend and sketch it.  We met the owner too.  He is so kind and told us that the ware house is more than 50 yr old. -- Happy New Year everyone...!!!

End of year Sketching Spree -- Cafe Cyclo

This is the first time Tone & I stopped at an unknown little cafe which we had driven by before.  We never knew that they have a cute Three-Wheel-Tuk-Tuk or "Cyclo" in Vietnamese inside.  So I had to sketch this.  I think both the owners and I were very happy to see the sketch. -- Happy New Year everyone.!!!


Merry Christmas to you all

Merry Christmas 2012 to you all.  Thanks for being here.  Your support meant a lot to me.


Scavenger Hunt#289

  Most sketches were done while I was having my late lunch after teaching.  The theme of this Hunt was about all kinds of colors.


World-Wide SketchCrawl#37 Rajburi, Thailand

I participated in the 37th World-wide SketchCrawl in Rajburi, Thailand.

This time, my family and I went to SuanPheung, Rajburi, a mountain town 100 miles west of Bangkok.  There are lots of rustic resorts along the Thai-Burma mountain border.

The first one was the roadside fruit stand opposite our resort.

The second one was at the cafe on the mountain top overlooking the mountains bordering Thailand and Burma.  The cafe also offered the local drink, a fresh pineapple juice in a bamboo container.


Zig-Zag hair-do

Today I sketch Miss Iris's braided hair for 'zig-zag' item on Wetcanvas's Scavenger Hunt#276.  She just turned 7 yr old a couple days ago.  Done in my A5 Japanese sketchbook with watercolor and pencil.


Blue gas masks

  No..!!!  . This is not a scene from "Planet of the Ape".  It was our kids this morning being treated with vapor medicine for their respiratory infection at the hospital. They are doing better now. I did the ink at scene under the rolling eye nurse, about 3 min. for each kid. I later colored them at home.


Piano tuning

Sorry for being absent for some time.    I just got tired from trying to juggle my career, piano lessons, arts, and my two kids and the little one is a very active two year old.  I am still around and do some sketching and traveling when I can.  I need to blog about my recent trip to the US and New York City soon.

In the mean while, these are sketches of the piano tuning happened at our love pad last weekend.  Tone and I really appreciate this tuner who pay attention to very fine details of our family treasure.  I wish you could hear our music.


Scavenger Hunt - 257

Here are sketches from life for the assigned list of Scavenger Hunt 257 on Wetcanvas.com.


Shoe shine

Something I found sitting around at one corner of our campus.


Extraordinary pose

guess the girl can do pretty much anything. This is a life-sketch as a part of ScavengerHunt#256 on Wetcanvas.com, done with pencil, color pencils, and Talen watercolors.


A kind neighbor

Nothing is as beautiful as a simple act of kindness, just like what happened to us today when our neighbor just cut her beautiful flowers and hand them to my baby Lily during our morning bike ride.


2012 New Year Resolution

I have been using mind-maps (computer generated ones) lately in my class to teach. Today I feel that combining Scavenger Hunt#251 life sketching with my personal mind-map should be a good play. So here it is. I wish you a great 2012 year and you achieve what you have been waiting for.