Another quick life sketch of our piano for the Scavenger Hunt on Wetcanvas. Cheers !!!


Salut D Amour

Well after the relentless waves of sickness to our family from January, now things are in recovery mode. So today Tone & I left the kids with our dear nanny and we went for a charity chamber music concert at the Neilson Hayes Library, Bangkok. The money from the violin-piano duo will help toward restoration of this unique and possibly the only American neoclassic building in Bangkok established in 1944. What make it even more special, is that the pianist, Eri Nagakawa, is the teacher of my piano teacher. So I am meeting my piano teacher's teacher...I briefly introduce meself to her during the intermission, this is so fun.

We had a great time, Tone and I did have a great little meal in the gallery cafe wing of the library before the performance.

May your Valentine day be a sweet one. !!!