Paint out -- Klong Suan Market

Well today is my lucky day to get to join a few painter friends at KlongSuan Old time market. It locate about 60 Km. south east of where I live. The market is the 100 year old community along the Klong, or Thai canal. The canal, the shops, and also the food are awesome. I did the noodle shop ink sketch after we finished our delicious lunch there.


A rose a day

A rose a day makes happiness stay. Watercolor from a still-life set up using Holbein artist paints on 11x14 inch Bockingford block. Recently, one art shop in Bangkok put Holbein WC professional paints on sale for 40% off. I can't help stocking them up... despite I still have a ton of Winsor&Newton to play with. Oh well, more reasons to paint more ;-).


A Thai garland

This is a Thai garland (a number of small tropical flowers such as jasmine, roses, aster, etc. are strung together). Can you believe that someone put those tiny flowers together for a price of 1 USD per garland. I had to buy it to paint; luckily, I had preserved it in our fridge. for 5 days until today that I have time to work on it. So our fridge smells very heavenly and jasminely. :p Tone laughed again at things I do for art. This is a 9x12 inch Casein paint on a canvas panel



This is the granddaughter of my artist friend, named Sascha, from Weekend Drawing Event. This is 3x5 inch color pencils on Thai local notepad.



I did have a great sketching out today. I did meet two more SketchCrawlers today: K.Asnee and K.Pramote. So Bangkok WorldWideSketchCrawl will never be the same... Yeah.

I started my SketchCrawl solo in the early morning by doing the outside scences of Temple at Wat Pho, a famous Bangkok attraction. Later I moved inside the temple to do the reclining Buddha. Later I met up with the two more Crawlers mentioned above.

#1 Me, with my first sketch of the day. I had attracted several of bystanders who tried to chat with me while I was sketching including 2 kids ;-)

#2 Two new crawlers, from Left K.Pramote, K.Asnee, and me.

#3 -- Thai temples at Wat-Pho

#4 -- Another pagoda scene at Wat-Pho

#5 -- I did the head part of the giant reclining Buddha.

#6 -- I try to establish the scale of the giant reclining Buddha by sketching one tourist posing for a photo in the middle.


My friend, Diahn's, new art venture

Art by Diahn: It's Friday! Wow, I have been reading several of self development books. Many of them mention "The Law of Attraction", which means you should try to stick around what you love/want in life and things will likely to roll your way. So today I heard from Diahn's blog that she is venturing out for her new art endeavor by opening her new art shop at Etsy.com. So she plans a celebration draw to give away her seagull gouache painting for anyone who leaves her a message at her blog on this weekend. So pls. check them out.


Da-da Concerto

I am happy painting when I paint what I love. I can say that I love everything in this painting: Tone, Iris, and our piano. This is a 10x14 inch watercolor.


Tropical Tea Still-Life

I bought flowers, arranged them, painted them on my 10x14 inch watercolor board. I am very happy. But the minor bump of the day is that I went to see my physical therapist about my left wrist. He said that I start to have Carpal Tunnel syndrome and I should slow down on the piano lesson and typing ..... I am glad that I can still paint but that sounds more aweful to my piano lesson that I have tried to reconnect... I hope the wrist heal soon.

Plumeria en Plein Air

Finally, I packed my painting gear and drove to this tree in the neighborhood and did a plein air watercolor of it on my 11x15 inch watercolor board.


Tibetan Girl

This is about 10x13 inch oil-pastel from Wetcanvas Weekend Drawing Event or WDE. I hope one day I can go painting in Nepal/Tibet. Anyone care to join me?