Tomato Still Life Wet-in-wet

This is about 4x6 inch postcard from my still-life set up. I love playing with wet-in-wet techniques. This card went to an art friend in Canada.


Winston on His Throne

This is about 10x14 inch watercolor from the ref. image from Wetcanvas WDE Jan 23. I am happy about this little guy.


Happy Birthday to Me....

I am turning 3x today, you can guess, the last one before forty. I took a day off and stayed at home... nope.. I did not skip work, I needed to be home to care for Iris after she had her stomach viral infection and just been back home yesterday from the two nights at the hospital. So what could be better than seeing your child recovering and getting to paint on my Birthday. Tone, went out in the evening and got me a bunch of roses, homemade card, a box of cake, and my favorite magazine. Good thing I am not too crazy for expensive stuffs, so he can give me these little treats quite often.
I am very happy.

Well I thought I would feel bad toward my midlife turning into my last of number 3x for my age but it turns out OK. I guess going through Iris's sickness a few days ago, giving me a new perspective for what I cherish and am happy about most in my life. In addition, my neighbor's dog, who is my favorite dog also stopped by to greet me in my garage this morning. The dog read my mind and I am so happy. That is also the best birthday gift I got from God, a greeting from my favorite dog.

So here is what I paint today, "Iris", a 5x7 inch watercolor from a ref. image of Flickr by Gailf548.

Brazillian Dancer #2

This is about 4x6 inch using gouache from a Creative Commons photo on Flickr by Stinkie_Pinkie. This is my second try and this card went all the way to an art friend in Canada.


This is a continued work from WDE photo by Crisper2005. It is about 5x7 inch in gouache on brown paper bag sketchbook. It is fun to do these can-can ladies.


Can-Can Dancer

This is about 6.5x10.5 inch oil pastel done for WDE on Jan 17 project on Wetcanvas. I did it in 1 hour and 10 minutes. I have a lot to learn in oil pastel. I am happy that she does not look too much kindergarten art. What do you think?


My #21 Worldwide Sketchcrawl -- Bangkok

Jan 10 is the #21 Worldwide Sketchcrawl, which means people around the world will sketch today either going out or staying in and then they will share their sketches at www.sketchcrawl.com. So each of us will get to see the snapshots of each other live across the globe.

I first had my ambitious plan to go sketching the Grand Palace in downtown Bangkok but my daughter got sick. So we had to take her to the doctor in the morning. So I adjusted my plan by starting to sketch some pot plants, and Thai topiary at my parent home, which is close to the doctor clinic. Then we took our daughter home and I got to sketch scenes from my neighborhood temple which situates next to the orchard canal. We live in the orchard suburban of Bangkok, called Bangmod. It used to be the area famous for a kind of sweet tangerine orchards. I closed today with the canal scene (Bangmod canal or the Thai called it "Klong Bangmod) across from our gate community. The last few pieces, I had to add the gouache wash at home due to I have to hurry home for my daughter care. I really have a good time sketching outdoor today. I have to Thank my DH, Tone for driving me to the temple, which I had already forgot that we have an interesting one in our neighborhood. BTW, Iris is feeling much better now... whew.

#1 plants at my parents' home (watercolor)

#2 On the return route back to my home, the latest "pink" bus, which just came out to Bangkok streets, and the street garland vendor

#3 My neighborhood's temple entrance

#4 The bell tower at the temple

#5 Thai country houses along the orchard canal or we call it "Klong Bangmod"

#6 Thai water canal convenient shop, opposite from our gated community. Bangkok used to be called "Venice of the East". Now many of the little canal ended up becoming streets.


Savannah Fountain

This is a famous fountain in Savannah, Georgia from my own photo reference. I did wet-in-wet with this one in a very short amount of time 15 min. before dashing out to work. It is about 5x7 inch on Arches rough 185G watercolor pad. I think I like it as simple as it is though the real scene has a lot more details.


Iris's portrait

Now I am a bit overwhelmed. I try to paint everyday, in which sometimes I cannot do that. I also do Scavenger Hunt sketching, join weekend art event, and try to be more active in "watercolor" forum at Wetcanvas. The good news is that I finish with my two art card exchange projects. So today is a special treat to get to do a portrait of something I love and know real well. This is Iris from a recent photo. It is about 9x12 inch done with Conte crayons.


A tomato a day

I did four postcards today. Three of them will be for exchange project and will be posted later. This one is a "warm up" and done from life, 4x6 inch watercolor on Lanaqarelle 140 lb watercolor block. Tomorrow we all will be back to work after five day New Year holiday in Thailand.


Plein Aire of House 50/2

I did this plein aire from my neighbor's flower tree. I spent about 30 min. painting it on 11x14 inch Strathmore 400 series pad. We have a similar tree in our yard but it has not bloomed for the past two years. At least I am glad to see this blooming one from my neighbor.

Note for plein aire friends, I use my almost forgotten Soltrek easel today. I have a hard time try to work its telescopic legs. I think their leg latching mechanism sucks. I bought it in 2001, long time ago I hope the company has fixed the problem now. Otherwise, you should look into something else for portable easel. This thing costed me almost $500... ouche.


2009 New Year Resolution

1. More balance

2. More health

3. More plein aire painting

4. More sketching

5. More organized

6. More fun

And I just start today with the above watercolor plein aire... Yeah... a good sign indeed.