Iris -- Plein air

These are watercolor plein air postcards. I painted these from the garage floor of my sister-in-law's neighbor during our visit to Atlanta in April. The garden was so full of life. The Iris there were just blooming at their best. I feel fortunate to get to record these babies.


Audobon Place

This is a watercolor postcard. Recently, I happened to stumble upon the old digital files taken since 2001, while I was finishing up my Ph.D in Alabama. At that time, I was doing a plein air painting near that house. The home owner saw me painting and asked me to paint her home portrait for her. At that time, I was quite new in watercolor so I declined her offer. But now it is 7 years later, together with my vivid impression of the house, I decide to do this mini house portrait. I wonder what the home owner will think of this card.


Drawing Day

Drawing Day is a worldwide movement urging everyone to help creating 1 million drawing on June 7, 2008, as shown in www.drawingday.org
I am glad I get to draw/paint some and having fun with this movement.

"Spring Love"
This is an acrylic ink postcard done using reference image library donated by casie8187 to Wetcanvas.

"Spring - Parade" This is an acrylic ink postcard done using reference image library donated by C.P. to Wetcanvas.

"A Macaw named Razz" This is a mixed-media (watercolor & acrylic ink) postcard done using reference image library donated by Frank van Boxtel to Wetcanvas.

"Orange Poppies"
This is a watercolor postcard done using reference image library donated by BKWYRM to Wetcanvas.

Bike shoes

This is a mixed media card: watercolors on the shoes, and acrylic ink on the background. Long time ago, my knee doctor recommended me to try biking to strengthen my knee muscles. I did not bike as much. However, since I found this shoes at the store a few months ago, I wear it during my morning biking more often. I guess, it takes a pair of colorful shoes to inspire me to exercise more.


Reading Lamp

This is an acrylic ink postcard. I painted this card from life set up. Can you see that I am having fun with my new media, acrylic ink.

Flip flop

This is a watercolor postcard. I was inspired by a key chain that we have. It is a little bright and cheerful flip flop.

Dong Dueng -- Tropical flower

This is a 4x6 inch watercolor wet-in-wet postcard. I paint this from my own reference photo taken from the Royalflora show in Chiangmai Thailand.


Butterfly Transformation

Finally some of my art cards start to arrive at their destination. This one is an acrylics ink postcard done from my imagination of Spring time. I was having so much excitement trying new medium, acrylics ink. They sure are very bright and intense. I like the loose feel of this piece.