From Korea

This is a 30 min. digital sketch using TwistedBrush freeware of a soup spoon & chopsticks souvenir from Korea given to me by my colleague.


Robot sketches

A few days ago, our Univ. hosting an event of behind the scene of our humanoid robotic team talk, expecting to enter the WorldRobocup 2011 very soon. So I can't help sketching them while I was in the conference room.


Chao-Praya river views

Well this weekend, after we drop the kids to grandparents, Tone and I have a chance to have a quiet lunch overlooking Chao-Praya river opposite Thammasat University. So here are my sketches from the lunch table.


Open & Closed

This is a wc sketch with a touch of cp (cp from Iris's dentist art corner), done while we were waiting for Iris's dentist appointment. The dentist clinic have a cozy art table for little kids to enjoy... I guess I was their big art kid yesterday... ha ha.


Eclectic still-life

This is meant to be a big format sketch still-life (11x14 inch) but I feel that I took it too far toward an elaborated painting. Nevertheless, I am happy with the result because I hardly do any big format painting these days after baby Lily was born. So this is nice that I can complete it. I mostly use watercolor with little dab of color pencils, and ink.


In my purse

A quick digital sketch using a freeware called TwistedBrush, done with my mouse. I just sadly find out today that the pen tablet that I bought several months ago will not install with my computer. So I have to continue to sketch uncomfortably with my mouse.


Baby time

Nope.... not another baby...I am getting too old to chase a new one, never mind running after Miss Lily, a fourteen month old. I am talking about my freshly done sketches of kido stuffs. My kind colleague just gave Lily a nice sweet pair of shoewear from England. They are a bit too small for her so I am returning them to my colleague but I can't help myself sketching them in gouache on my homemade brown paper bag sketchbook. Enjoy.