Career & Art & Motherhood & Music

Well all I can say is that I am a bit of a slow juggler at the moment: career, art, music, and motherhood. Luckily career-wise, I havent yet gone back to full steam teaching. For now I am more toward consulting with student projects and pushing out research publications. I also try to practice piano 20-30 min. a day. There were days that I could not do that like when just finishing with baby stuff took me beyond 10 pm. and I was so out of steam. Art has also slowed down, not much big format painting at all, more of sketches. Luckily, I have managed to go out with my sketch group once a month. Motherly-wise, Lily has just turned 5 months; Iris just turned 5 years. They both keep us busy and joyful and occasionally frustrated. However, they are our big gifts from God that enrich our lives. I just wish I have more energy and more than 24 hours in a day though.


Push and Sketch

My life is a challenge, juggling work, art, music, and pushing my 5 month old around on top of arguing with my 5 yr old. I am taking it day by day and with my own colors.


Play and Sketch

Well we took Iris to the kid play zone at the neighborhood mall. So I got an ink sketch of the coin-operated horse. Later I scanned the drawing in and add some colors digitally using TwistedBrush freeware software. It was fun, and I will definitely try this again. So Iris got to play and I got to sketch...


Thai Mother Day

We have a wonderful 4-day long holiday weekend. The Thai mother day is on August 12 of every year. This year, I was extremely tired from both going back to work and caring for a 4.5 month baby, Lily. So my mother and my sister bought us great lunch box food and visited us at our house. Everyone was so happy. The photo shows my mother, and our family. The other photo is of Iris on her school Mother day event, in which Iris brought me a small paper jasmine basket while we were on the school stage with her classmates mothers.


Sketch and Play

This morning Iris and I sketched together. I was trying to sketch her. and here are the works of mine on left and Iris's on the right (She got some the block style going). Iris came back to create some marks framing my sketch of her. We use water soluable crayon and do it on a giant kido sketchbook.

I later added some blue shadow with Coran D'che watercolor pencil.