Ending 2011 with a great sketching day

What could be a better way to end the year with going out sketching with your buddies. Today I and four other friends of BangkokSketchers met up at Bangkok downtown and sketch the scene of the Chinese shrine. The Thai believe that 2012 will be a dragon year, people here believe that this year is auspicious to have babies. !!! So it is good that I get to sketch a few dragons on the roof of the shrine. I hope you get the idea where it is in the sketch. ;-) Happy New Year 2012 to you all.


Ending 2011 with a great meal.

I can't imagine ending a year without a good eat celebration. Today, I went in downtown Bangkok for an authentic Japanese meal at the first Japanese restaurant in Bangkok. I did the sketch there while wait for the food. The gentleman (pink shirt) on my left side, was happy to see I included him in the sketch. Have a great Happy New Year 2012, everyone.


Merry Christmas 2011

Dear friends, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Best wishes and thanks for stopping by so often. I have been sketching almost daily but my recent schedule and the young kids just overwhelming for me. So I am glad I get to did this holidays sketch.