T his is a part of my Alphabet card trading project on Wetcanvas. This one is done with Shiva-casein on an ATC size watercolor paper. I sent this card to an art friend in the US. The Ref. photo is from Flickr by Phillie-Casablanca.

A-laska, Iditarod Race

T his is the first card of my Alphabet project art trading card on Wetcanvas. It is an ATC done using Shiva-casein on watercolor paper. The Ref. photo is from Flickr by the US. Army. The gentle man was a U.S. Army Master Sgt. Rodney Whaley, a Tennessee Army National Guardsman, trained with his dogs in Alaska for the 2008 Iditarod race, AKA "The World's Last Great Race." He was also the first Tennessean man to compete in such a race.


Tibet lady

This painting is done for a Weekend Drawing Event on Wetcanvas. It is about 10x13 inch. Most background is done with Nouvel pastel but the figure is done with Rembrandt soft pastel. I hope one day I can visit Tibet and Nepal. That would be my dream painting trip.


Let loose Geraniums

This is a part of Weekend Drawing Event (WDE) on Wetcanvas. I try to be more loose in the 2nd attempt of the day. Iris, my daughter, intercepted me while I just started and demanded that she painted too. So I ended up doing a challenge by painting with my daughter. I tried to point her to corresponding spot in the ref. photo to the colors that I just mixed and I later hold her hand painting. She seemed to take it pretty well. At the end we were both happy painting. I like the result for its looseness. This took about 40 minutes and done on a giant sketch book 11x13.5 inch. Previously I use the top right corner of this sketch page for testing some color pencils.


I am back -- Self portrait

I had been exhausted for the past week. A week ago I flew with the team to do some research in the northern province of Thailand over the weekend. Then back Sunday night for the regular work week. I had a Tuesday late night work follow by early morning Wed. work... I was so disoriented. So I had to skip several days of my blog and even one piano lesson. The good news is, now I am back to my normal self again. Thanks for your good vibe.

Today I get to do a life self-portrait with Plumeria flower on my hair. The painting is about 9x11.5 inch using Rembrandt soft pastel on my big sketch book.