Flower with no name#2

This is a 4x6 inch watercolor on Lannaquarrel 140 lb paper. I got the photo of the flower from Savannah Garden Expo as well.

Flower with no name#1

This is about 3x5.5 inch watercolor on Arches 140lb rough paper. I took the photo of the flower while we were at Savannah garden expo. There were no vendor for me to ask about the flower name. I was unfamiliar with rough paper, especially when paint in such a small format. It did not allow me to have sharp control edge as I normally do. Anyway, I like the result.


This is about 8x8 inch watercolor with pen & ink. We went to the Train Museum while we visited Savannah. There were so many of old caboozes. I try to simplify and have a little challenge of where the light source should be. The real one is located somewhat indoor. Thomas is a famous children animation that my daughter loves.


Iris & Grandma

We are now with our USA. family. We have two more weeks before heading back to Thailand. Today Iris is bonding with Grandma. Grandma is showing Iris the birds at the feeders hanging outside the kitchen windows. I think they are adorable. I am blessed to witness the moment.

From my garden...

I just bought some new Winsor Newton watercolors and decide to try the paints on my photo of one of our plumeria or fragipani from our garden in Bangkok. We have a few varieties. So far they love me and bloom quite often. I miss them when I am away from home. This is a 5x7 watercolor.

Japanese Garden -- Birmingham Botanical Garden

This is a pen & ink over Inktense pencil. I had a chance to stop by Birmingham Botanical Garden today. The weather was gorgeous. I headed straight to the Japanese Garden to sketch. I think it is one of the most beautiful Japanese gardens in the States. Well I only saw two Japanese gardens so far: Birmingham botanical garden, and St.Louis botanical garden. Even then, I am so impress of what Birmingham has to offer: the tea house, the house, and the bell tower. Today there was the dedication ceremony of the bell tower from Rotary Club of Osaka. I was there to witness the people rang the Japanese bell. I rang the Japanese bell too after everybody left the scene. Well one day I hope I can have a little Japanese garden of my own.


Ballerina Delight

Still working on still life from objects found in my friend's house. The transcontinental flight really make me wake up 4:30 am and that is perfect to working on a painting while Iris was still sleeping. This is a 5x7 inch watercolor.

Savannah Apples

Savannah is so inspiring. Even staying in our friends home, seeing their apples lying around in the kitchen really inspired me to do a still life. So this is 5x7 inch watercolor out of Savannah spirit.

Family visit ... USA.

We finally got it together: clearing up our works, packing our stuffs and baby stuff and finally hopping on board of Korean Air to Atlanta Georgia at the end of March. Iris behaved so well on the long flight. Thanks god that Korean air provides individual on-demand entertainment system so Iris had been watching cartoons and kids program during flight. That made it much easier for Tone and I. Finally we landed in Atlanta. We stayed with Tone's sister for her wedding party then drove back to Birmingham and now we visit our friends in Savannah, Georgia. I love Savannah. I feel my artistic motivation has been rejuvenated. Iris is having a blast hanging out with her other two friends as you can see.