#31 World-Wide SketchCrawl

Today, I went SketchCrawl at Birmingham Botanical garden. They have an amazing Japanese garden there. These are done in a 2-page spread inside my Moleskin watercolor sketchbook with Daniel Smith watercolors & ink.

#1 The main gate of the Japanese garden

#2 The Black bamboo forest


2612 Southminster Road

This is a 11x14 inch watercolor done plein aire at a neighborhood of my mother-in-law in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. I use Daniel Smith wc on this one.


Before Mahler Symphony

This is a sketch done for the pre-show of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra by the local high school percussion band. They were awesome and I find it amazing how kids these day achieve so much in their school. It is good to know that there are a lot of kids and a lot of schools out there that will never expect anything less of each other.


The Japanese garden at Birmingham Botanical

What a lovely day to get to go sketch this garden at Birmingham Botanical garden. This is done in 1 hour in my Moleskine book.

The Old Mill at Mountain Brook

This is a 30 min. sketch in my Moleskin wc book. I was sketching the mill from the rustic sidewalk. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful place. It seems like someone is actually live in it. What a fantastic life to live there.


Meeting up with Joan.

Yesterday, Joan drove up from New York to see me while I was visiting my host family in Connecticut. We exchanged gifts, saw each other sketchbooks, sketch the horses alongside at the host family's stable. What a wonderful day that was to me, after all she inspired me to put up this art blog. We have been exchanging so many art cards after all these years. Thank you WetCanvas.com and the wonderful world of art that lead me to know one more special friend.