Art cards and life

I just mail out about 16 art cards or mini paintings for 3 projects on Wetcanvas. I have painted these in the past 2 months. Once they start to arrive at their destinations then I can post them here. I also did 4 more art cards yesterday.

On the life side, Tone will meet the heart specialist next week for his monitor reading. But things seem to be all right because the heart beat does not give any spike no more while he wear the heart monitor for two days.


Life in July

This has been a rough month for us. The first 10 days of the month, we all got sick. Iris started first with super high fever for several nights. We took her to the doctor several times. Tone and I had to take turn wiping her down all night for several nights. So we both got weaken and then I got sick and then Tone got sick. We all recovered by July 15th to have a low-key 3yr old birthday cake with Iris. The orchids at home also bloomed around that time as her birthday present. However, a few days later, Tone had a spike in his heart beat for two consecutive evenings. So we have been back to the hospital again to check his heart and he has to wear the heart monitor, called "holter" for 48 hours. Now it has been about 40 hr and Tone has not yet experienced any more heart beat spike but we will have to go to the hospital tomorrow to take the machine off and get the reading out of it. I was totally off from Wetcanvas for almost 3 weeks now. The constant family sickness just turns me off from the forum. I am sure I will feel better to get back as least tonight I feel great to get back to check out my artist friends' blogs again. They really lift up my spirit. Thank you all for creating such wonderful works.
I did not do much arts but I manage to squeeze in a few postcards and a painting for the group show in September.


Temple of Heaven -- Beijing

This is a half a sheet watercolor of the Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China. I paint this from my own photos of the business trip I made a few years ago to China. I paint this one for entering the Thai Watercolor Society Annual Show next month. I did not have much time to try other things and the deadline of entering the show is very near. I struggle quite a bit due to I have not painted large format for quite some time. What a transition from a postcard size to half a sheet size!!! Please wish me luck and kindly let me know your comments of this piece. Thanks, Ai



This is a watercolor postcard from Wetcanvas reference image donated by Pat Isaac. I love buoys and boatscapes. I love these colorful objects beaten down by the salty water and air.

Ranchos de Taos

This is a watercolor postcard size of the Ranchos de Taos. The reference image is donated by SoonerAsh on Wetcanvas. So far I visited my friend in Palm Spring once.
I hope one day I get to see New Mexico and Tao in my own eyes.