Six month milestone.

Lily just turned six months a few days ago. She is adorable, chubby, and fun to hang out with. She is fluent to body rolling at this stage. She can not sit or crawl by herself yet. Though my life has slowed down somewhat due to her caring, I am a happy mama.


Cook and Sketch

Today I have some time to play with my culinary muse. So I made my first ever Bangkok clam chowder from scratch, using local clams with a recipe from the Internet. Yes, the south of Bangkok is border with the gulf of Thailand and has plenty of seafood. We just don't have a sandy beach... it is more of a muddy sea mangrove shore.

I cooked up a big pot of clam chowder and decide to sketch it in my brown bag sketchbook with gouache. It was quite muddy earlier in clam shells area but I went in later with some pastel pencils to recover it. The pink bits you see were bacons.


Scavenger Hunt#191

his is a group of sketches from life subjects for Wetcanvas Scavenger Hunt.