Lily's Bathtub Toy

After a very long day, I did a digital sketch to end my night with a light note. Done with TwistedBrush freeware. I only have a computer mouse to work with, I'm still too busy to try to install a tablet to my computer. Chao !!!


Iris Patch on Tanglewood Road

Late April, Tone dropped me to this house to do a quick sketch of their blooming iris. I had my eyes on their iris garden for years. I am glad I finally get my closure this year. This sketch is done in a two-page spread inside a Moleskine 5x8 inch wc book using Daniel Smith watercolors.



These are tropical flowers, mostly variety of plumeria flowers that I have picked up from the ground during my morning biking. Done in my Tiger storebrand 5x8 inch sketchbook in two-page spread with Cotman watercolor & ink.