A Mocking Bird

This is a 4x6 inch watercolor wash with Sume-drawing ink on watercolor paper. It is a team effort of Iris and I. This afternoon I was just about to try on the Chinese brush painting but Iris interrupted me and wanted to join along. She laid down the first yellow wash as it was her favorite color. Then she wanted to do the Sume ink. I had to give in and handed her the Chinese brush. She pressed the brush quited hard and scrubbed down five various sizes of black blobs on the top of the yellow wash. Then it was my turn so I added the brown madder as the bird's mouth. I think our effort has a sense of a flapping wing bird. It was fun.


Joan said...

This is a good combination of your skill and Iris'! It does look like a bird. Cute!

mARTa said...

You must tell Iris that I think she is a wonderful artist as is her mommy. I am inspired by this little piece to do some playing of my own!