This is a sketch of my DH, Tone and our nine day old baby, Lily, done from life. I did this with a brown Stabilo pen and W&N watercolor in my 6x8 inch Thai sketchbook.


Baby Lily was born ...

Well, a big bunch of joy has arrived to our family. On Monday March 22, I was on the regular check-up of my 37-week pregnancy, then the doctor told me that I had already started contraction and I had to be admitted immediately. Thanks goodness that Tone was with me and giving me support when they wheeled me to the delivery room. So the same night around 9:24 pm., baby Lily was born. She was 3.9 Kg. or around 8.5 pound and 53 cm. long. We are both feeling fine now and enjoying our first night together at home.


The Hills Are Alive ...

This is a tulip farm in British Columbia, Canada. The Ref. photo was from Sharrm on Wetcanvas. This is a 8x11 inch watercolor on 200 grams Thai local paper using W&N paints. Happy spring time everyone, wherever you are !!!


Tropical Wonder

Yeah... I did it, weeks after weeks of saving reference photos from Wetcanvas, Weekend Drawing Event I have always ran out of steam to do a painting but today I did this.
Thanks AlainJ for wonderful ref. photo. This one was done in W&N watercolor on 11x14 inch Bockingford 140 lb block.


Belly update ...

Well now I am into my 35th week pregnancy. We have to dig up baby stuffs from storage and prepare a few new things if they were loan to us last time. I feel like someone glue a big basketball to my tummy..... About 4 more weeks to go till the baby time.

I am slowing down on my blog, art exchange projects, weekend drawing/painting event but at work I have to grading exams and make sure I turn things in time before I take a maternity leave. I still enjoy my Scavenger Hunt sketching, and my piano lesson. I hope the new baby like the music I have been playing. Iris is in good spirit for the new baby.


Scavenger Hunt#166

I did these in my new sketchbook 8x10 inch 80 grams paper. It might not suit the watermedia (got some buckles) but it is fun to try it out. Mostly done with a brown Stabilo pen with Koi-travel set watercolor.

#1 cheap -- clip
#2 precious -- our wedding photo, taken at the park
#3 brush
#4 wood -- wooden comb
#5 trip

#6 office supply -- glue stick
#7 accessory -- Iris-s hair clips
#8 something hanging -- ear rings
#9 cosmetic -- a lipstick
#10 belong to other -- Tone-s tie

#11 Sturdy -- a giant tree at the park, pencil 2B
#12 made of paper -- jig-saw puzzles
#13 something I rarely use -- oil paint

#14 Ear -- two views of 2 students ears while I proctor the exam
#15 Hand gesture -- of another student while she was doing the exam.

#16 Closed -- the exhibition hall at the University of Fine Arts, Bangkok. It is closed today. My SketchCrawl friend from Germany, Karin, and I stayed around and sketch from the outside.

#17 long -- the Reclining Buddha, approx. 150 ft. long and 48 ft. high in the head part. I also include the actual image.

Scavenger Hunt#165

This sketch was done while our family were at a shopping mall and Iris was trying out some "Cogo", a cheapo version of Lego, at the toy department.