Baby in bloom...

Well... to embrace my new coming baby, this is a 5x7 inch Derwent pastel pencils on my brown sketchbook. The photo ref. is from Wetcanvas WDE in mid September.


Life Drawing Class#2

Three minute poses...

Five minute poses...

Ten minute poses...

Twenty minute poses...

Thirty minute poses...

Yesterday, we learn about shading. The instructor asked us to used no lines. I was having fun with the class again. I started the first few with pencils then switched to Conte crayons later. All done in newsprint size paper.


Life Drawing Class#1

I just went to my first life drawing class a few days ago. It was fun and exciting. The model, Rex, is very good at posing nice angles and the instructor, Brian Curtin, let us feel our way and explore with pencil line only, no shading, no measuring yet. The early poses are series of 2-3 minutes. Then some of 5 minutes. And later a few of 15 minutes. Some of later images were a bit too light to scan well because he asked me to draw with a very light-pressure lines. I can see my progress from can fit only part of the body to the paper at the beginning toward the end of the session in which I was able to put the whole body in the same size paper. Brian, also assigned me to do more advanced drawing. He asked me to draw the model for a few minutes.. then, went to the back of the studio to draw some more but this time from my memory... what a challenge this drill was to me. The session was so fun. I did a tons of sketch but some samples are shown below:

Beginning ... with pencil

End .. with some Conte crayons


Mahachai -- Paint out

All of the sketches are about 7x9 inch watercolor, some combine with ink. The first sketch of a man with a bike on the train was done with watercolor pencils and ink.

Our small sketch group went out by a train from Wong-Wien-Yai station last Saturday, heading 1 hour south to a famous fishing industry town, Mahachai. We were amazed even as we get off the train.. of how close the Mahachai merchants people live their life close to the train track. The train end right at the heart of Mahachai market, a place where an active mixed of vegetables, fruits, seafood, and fishing supplies. I could stop and paint right out from the train track but the space might be the problem because the market was so dense. So I took some photos, and we all walk about 300 meters along Tha-Chine river to a riverside restaurant and settle there to paint from 10:00 am til noon. We ended up with a great seafood lunch and the restaurant owner seemed happy to see our sketch results. My two river scenes are the result of this place. Then around 1 pm, K.Piboon, one of our sketcher who used to live there, took us in his car surveying the opposite island called, Tha-Chalom, seeing more boats, and life along the river which is a few miles away from the Gulf of Thailand. Then K.Piboon took us to the heart of the "Ka-Za-Khao" fishing village, a few hundred yards by the sea. The fishing village was a small community on the little waterway just off from the Gulf of Thailand. My last two works show the fish boats and fisherman shack that harbor in a small water way a little few yards from the ocean. It was a fun pack paint out day.