Play with me

These are my tiny dinosour erasers & an egg container set.  I never use any of them as intended eraser though.


Hua Hin Still-life

We are vacationing at Hua Hin, a seaside town, 2 hrs away from Bangkok.  We rent a condo right on a beach and the place are full of cool decorations.  So I borrow some of them to set up this still-life.  I painted this while Tone took the kids to the pool.

Done with watercolor & pencils on 10x14 inch Canson 140 lb paper.


The Three Musketeers..

This is a 8x10 inch mixed media (wc, pencil, and Chinese ink) in a sketchbook. The ref. photo was given by Abdul-Yunir on Flickr.   I did this as a part of Wetcanvas.com Watermedia April 2014 Challenge.


March 7 -- Bookcover and an ad. sketches

Done in my giant Thai sketchbook 11x14 inch, a full page for the Lancome ad.   The book cover add was about 4x6 inch. ... Have a great weekend guys.!!!


Rhodo in a crop

This is an 8x11 inch watercolor on Fabriano Studio 140 lb block.  This is my first big(er) format painting in years (after busy with the hyper Lily baby daughter).  I did this as a part of Weekend Drawing Event (Jan 10) on Wetcanvas.com


Landscape Project -- Krabi, Thailand

This is a mini art trading card, 2.5x3.5 inch watercolor of an island in the south of Thailand.  This card goes to Jeanne in California.


Landscape project -- Lohdalem & Tonsay bay, Thailand

This ATC (2.5x3.5 inch art card) is with Joan in New York now.  It is a scene from the southern island in Krabi province of Thailand.   Ref. image by Greg Napp, on Flickr creative commons.