American Kimono

Here is a 10x14 inch watercolor "American Kimono" from a Ref. photo of Flickr by Knightmare6 of a recent event at Brooklyn Botanical Garden, New York.


Back to music

This is the sketch of our piano for the recent Scavenger Hunt#128 using casein paints.

The enchanting zen from Koh-Tao island trip makes me reconnect with all my senses. I miss playing music. I decide to get back to piano and I am lucky to find a nice instructor who will come to teach me at home every Friday morning. I took 2 lessons so far. It has been great.

I started my first piano lesson when I was late in high school. I had several interruptions. The first one I had to go to senior year in a highschool in the US. Then when I came back to Thailand I got accepted to a University that is quite far from my home. I had to stay in a dorm so no time and no piano to practice. Then when I got my Bachelor I also work far from home again. The following year I got scholarship from the Thai government to go do master an Ph.D in the US. So I had to be away for another 8 years. Once I came back to Thailand in 2002 I had taken a lesson for 2 years but then I quit for my intense work schedule and later I had baby Iris and left thumb tendon injury. So no piano again... until two weeks ago that I restarted the lesson. I hope I can continue despite so many hectic things in life. Now my teacher gives me a simplified piece of "Green Sleeves" to work on.

I am a beginner piano student. I often feel inferior when I hear Tone plays. He is fabulous. I often said to him that he plays piano like I paint. He has a nice way to comfort me that "...But you play piano much better than I paint." What a lovely remark he made. I am lucky to marry Tone then ;-)


This is an ATC watercolor from the Ref. photo on Flickr. My apology for not remember the photographer's name. This one went to an artist friend in Canada.


They are back !!!

Tone and Iris are back from the US. a few days ago. They are still feel the jet-lag. Imagine, a baby wakes up at 4:00 am a few morning ago. In addition, they both often ran out of steam in the early evening hour here (as it is US. wee morning hour). Today she woke up near 6:00 am. They both must be almost back to Thai time schedule. We have a full house again: busy and hectic but full of smiles, and laughs. That is a good thing.



This is a watercolor pencils (with no water) ATC done from a Ref. image from Flickr (My apology for not remember the photographer name). This card went to my dear artist buddy in New York.


Something I have borrowed...

This is a sketch of an art book I have borrowed from our library. It is done in a 9x12 inch thick paper sketchbook using a Stabilo pen and Inktense pencils with some water applied. The author uses sketching as a memoir of old places in Bangkok.


This is a watercolor ATC done from a ref. image on Flickr (my apology to forgot the photographer's name). This one went to my dear art friend in the California.



This is a watercolor ATC done from a ref. image on Flickr by Tie Guy II. This one went to my art exchanged buddy in the US.



A watercolor ATC size from a ref. image on Flickr by Gailf548. Late January, I sign up another art card exchange project called "25VarietyOf?". I decide to do 25 cards of Iris flower. I love gardening and Iris is one of my favorite flowers and I also name my daughter after it. Since January, I little by little get 10 cards done and delivered so far. This is the first one of the series with the most vibrant and bang. I put all my effort equally to all the cards but for some reason, I feel that this one is not just the first to kick of this project but also release the most of my art energy. This one went to my friend, Rose in Florida. I hope i can keep up my art energy through out this series.


Island splash

I am glad I get this opportunity to stay three nights on a little cottage snuggling over the cliff overlooking the bay at Koh Tao, or Tao island. It feels different to go to vacation without Tone and Iris but in a good way. Plenty of time to get to know the waves, the sands, the bays, the corals, the fishes, the crabs, the sea egrets, the boats, the fishing men, the tourists, the piers, the silver glow sunrise, the warm glow of the moon, yoga by the beach, lying on the beach and letting the waves splashes my face like I have no way to stand against its relentless powerful rythm, pondering question of my life to myself, and starting writing a novel. I used to write a few essays and poems to kid magazine when I was in school. It is a pity to let those small fun things gone in the wind. May be it will take me ten years to finish this novel but I am willing to go for it this time. Enjoy my zen and the splashes !!!



Currently I have been busy with a project at work. Lately I also get back to more reading. Tomorrow night I am heading out on a three day tropical island trip for more zen time, just me and a travel buddy. Tone & Iris are still in the USA. I hope to be back with tons of life & art energy.

When you lie down on the floor looking up in the sky see the birds flying by... we all are equally rich and life is good. I'll bring back my zen and share with you. Thanks for checking out my blog. The next one will be full with salt water splashes. Miss you all. Ai