Amazing Day#1

I am sure every parent thinks of each step their kids make as an outstanding accomplishment. The past weekend, Iris was putting the construction toys together as a string with a horse head. I was in awe. She was smiling so proud of herself. I am proud of her too, I think, because she did something big people like us deem a small thing, but for her it is such an impressive milestone. Kids really give you a new perspective. If I did not have her, I would never experience "my high" just from seeing a three-year-old cross her first step to the land of a new thing. I am grateful to witness that. And that makes me so happy. I never want to trade any other thing in the world for my time with her.

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"JeanneG" said...

Such a cute photo of Iris. Treasure every milestone with her. We weren't able to have children so I know how precious they are.