Happy b-day to my blog...!!!

Today is one year anniversary of my blog. I am thrilled to come this far. I think my artistic skill and enthusiasm grown since the past year with the support of visitors, and friends. To celebrate, this morning I paint one of my favorite things: classic car. We went to see this Mustang and other oldies at the Classic car show in Thailand a week ago. It is a 4x6 mat watercolor and ink (I suppose it is close to gaouche paint). It is Sakura brand of Japan. I wish I could do better but I can do it again and again.

A note on a small health hic-up, four days ago I had bad stomachache that last for 3 days. I finally had to go see the doctor. She diagnosed me that my stomach valve is loosen and the gas in my stomach leak and that gave me stomachache. So now I have to spend more time with my meal, chewing carefully. After dinner, I have to wait a couple of hours before I can go to bed. She gave me some more medicines, I feel a bit better. At least I don't feel abdomen pain for the whole day like before. It is hard to paint when I felt pain. I could not focus. Now I pay more attention to how I eat, exercise, and rest. I hope I can get better to my normal self soon.


I've been busy painting...

Yes, and lately I have been painting about 9 postcards for "Spring Fling" and "Everyday Items" projects. They are art exchange projects. So this time I would like to wait until they reaches the receipients (Canada, USA., India, EU, Australia, etc...) before I post some on my blogs. So I should post some of them within two weeks. I hope you guys/girls visitors have a great painting/drawing time. This blog will be 1 yr old in a few days. Yeahhhh I think I did far better than I expected with my first serious art-blog.


USA Trip 2008

We are finishing up our family 3.5 week long visit to the USA. We got to visit our friends in Savannah, New Orleans. I also got to visit my host family in Connecticut. They hosted me when I was a high school exchange student in Vermont in 1987. We had a great time and felt grateful for this opportunity.

Denver Art Museum

This is a 4x6 inch acrylic ink postcard. My sister in law kindly took the reference photos for me. She lives in Denver and working to become an emerging artist as well. I hope I get to visit her home city and this museum soon. I am quite happy with this card as it is my first time with acrylic ink.

Blue Tulip

This is a 4x6 inch watercolor done for an art friend, Desiree. I got inspired from an image reference of Madmum on Wetcanvas. I paint this as a souvenir of my recent USA trip. I feel like I am at home when I paint this card. I feel happy and at ease toward the end of almost 4 weeks vacation in the USA visiting my in-law family. Even though I did not get to paint every day but I got to paint a lot. I am grateful for this.


This is a 4x6 inch watercolor postcard done by an image reference of Annapet on Wetcanvas image library. This card is a part of Wetcanvas Spring Fling project. I enjoy doing wet-into-wet with this card as well.


This is a 4x6 watercolor postcard done from an image reference by MadMum on Wetcanvas image library. This card is also a part of Wetcanvas Spring Fling project. This is also another card done by wet-into-wet technique


This is a watercolor postcard done from Wetcanvas image library taken by Nuno. This card is sent to Marta as a souvenir of my recent trip to the USA. I really have fun doing flowers with wet-in-wet technique.


This is a watercolor postcard for Wetcanvas Spring Fling project. The photo reference is given by stalksthedawn on Wetcanvas image library.