Scavenger Hunt#133

These are sketches from life objects or people around me based on the 'clue' given in Wetcanvas Scavenger Hunt#133. They were done in ink (Stabilo pen) and watercolor on my 9x12 inch Strathmore 400 sketchbook.


Masai Woman

This is an 8x6 inch watercolor, 'Masai Woman', using a ref. photo from Flickr by MaurizioCasadei. It is fun to see colors but I guess I also need more drawing practice for next time. ;-)


Mixed-media sculptures

It is fun to try to do these for life-sketching of two items on the Wetcanvas Scavenger Hunt#131 list.


Ferrari Scuderia 430

What a piece !!! I am happy with the outcome. It kinds of bring me back from my dull art moment. This is an 8x9 inch gouache (Holbein Artist's) using a Ref. image on Flickr by exfordy.

I am on Twitter

Now I am on Twitter, as 'aiarts'. You can follow me there too if you like or if you do have Twitter, then do let me know your Twitter name too. Believe it or not that I was on it for academic purpose. I want to teach my students how to develope software using available APIs (Application Interface) and Twitter.com has provided such thing for software developers to add some extra service on their existing system. I will see how it goes. But as an artist, I feel excited to just burst out a short message once in a while of what I am up to. I hope I can keep it up. So far it is fun, I have followed one watercolor artist from Long Island, and another artist from California has followed me.

The Chickens

'The Chickens', a watercolor 7x10 inch, ref. image from Flickr by gensling. I feel a bit rusty of watercolor after a few days away from it. Hopefully, I will be back soon.



A watercolor ATC done from a ref. image on Flickr by normanack. I still have 12 more cards to do for this project. That will take me a while to finish.


Tone's portrait

What is better than having a life-drawing subject at home? Today I did a 5x7 inch color pencil life-drawing of Tone while he was concentrating on the computer screen. I should do similar thing with baby Iris more often.


This is another watercolor ATC done for Wetcanvas art exchange project, '25' of ?, which I do a series of irises. The Ref. image is from Flickr. I apologize for not remembering the photographer's name.

For some reason, I felt great painting this one. Every thing came out well together control but loose. It was kind of zen- like for me to be able to execute things in a few brushstrokes and not get into a disaster but rather a pleasant result. This one went to an art friend in Oklahoma, USA.



This is another watercolor ATC done for Wetcanvas art exchange project, '25' of ?, which I do a series of irises. The Ref. image is from Flickr. I apologize for not remembering the photographer's name.


The Tuner

This is about 6x8 inch sketch, done with pencil and watercolor pencils during 30 minutes that the 'piano-tuner' was working with our piano today. When he finished his job he got to see it and smiled.

Life Drawing

Here is my Daily Painting today, about 6x8 inch watercolor life-drawing of my DH who was still in bed for Sat. morning. He changed the first pose in 30 seconds. So I have to wait a bit to do his second pose, which he stayed in this position for several minutes. I have fun doing this when I was fresh springing up from bed early with high art energy.



Caution: A person under 21 year old should not be looking at this ;-)

This is a 7x9 inch watercolor from a Ref. photo of Antigone78 on Flickr.


This is a gouache on brown bag paper in ATC size. I use the Ref. image from Flickr Creative Commons. I apologize for not remembering the photographer's name. This art card went to an art friend in New Jersy.


Floating market

This is a 4x5 inch watercolor (KOI travel set) plein air done while I was sitting in a cafe along side the Damneonsaduak canal in Rachaburi province. This floating market is the first tourist attraction floating market renowned for more than 50 years. This is the first time in my life that I visit this place !!!

Tone, Iris, our nanny and I left Bangkok early this morning heading south 50 miles from Bangkok. All of us never seen the real floating market before, so this is truly remarkable. The energy is so unbelievable. Once we arrived we rent one hour taxi boat to go thru the market and we stopped for fifteen minutes at the coconut sugar house, where they show us how to convert coconut's sap into coconut sugar. Then we drove 8 more miles to the Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral and I did another quick plein air sketch. It is unbelievable that in this orchard land away from Bangkok, 120 years ago there were priests from China who received funding from Paris and Rome, and built this majestic cathedral along the river here. We were in awe when we see the inside.


This is an ATC watercolor & ink from the Ref. photo on Flickr. My apology for not remember the photographer's name. This one went to an artist friend in the US.