End of year Sketching Spree -- Old Warehouse

Tone and I have been driven by these clusters of old warehouse on CharoenNakorn Road, Bangkok for so many years.  I was too shy to stop by to sketch.  However, today, Tone and I were ready to stop by during a very quiet Thai New Year holiday weekend and sketch it.  We met the owner too.  He is so kind and told us that the ware house is more than 50 yr old. -- Happy New Year everyone...!!!

End of year Sketching Spree -- Cafe Cyclo

This is the first time Tone & I stopped at an unknown little cafe which we had driven by before.  We never knew that they have a cute Three-Wheel-Tuk-Tuk or "Cyclo" in Vietnamese inside.  So I had to sketch this.  I think both the owners and I were very happy to see the sketch. -- Happy New Year everyone.!!!


Merry Christmas to you all

Merry Christmas 2012 to you all.  Thanks for being here.  Your support meant a lot to me.