Shoes I rarely wear

This is about 11x12 inch charcoal life-sketching on newsprint paper. Can you believe?... I shipped this pair of shoes back with my other 40 boxes of stuffs from the USA in 2001. I totally forgot where they were until a couple days ago that I opened one of my last box and found them.


Masai Woman#2

This is a watercolor 7.5x11 inch done on Bockingford 140 lb block using Holbein paint. The ref image is from Creative Commons on Flickr by Marc_from_Borft.


Life Drawing Class#4

These drawings are from my recent life-drawing class on newsprint size paper using Chinese ink. The earlier short poses are meant to be gesture drawing, with one stroke of brush to represent a leg, another stroke to represent an arm, another stroke for the torso, etc.... I did not do that well with this earlier part of the class. But later, we had a couple of longer poses (20 minutes) and a few of 30 minutes that I get to play more with multiple brush strokes and negative painting. I think I feel more comfortable at this stage. It was a good learning experience.


Bangmod canal

This is a life sketch. Ink was done at the scene, the back row of my village overlooking the rustic corner of Bangmod canal, the area once famous for a special kind of tangerine and coconut orchards. I later added watercolor at my home. We are very lucky to get to live in the area that is so green. More home/land development is coming in the area so the green quiet orchard will soon be forever gone. I am glad I get to sketch part of this charming community.

Life Drawing Class#3

These are from my 3rd life drawing class. All done with charcoal & the last two with Conte crayon. I really had fun in the class. Today the instructor, Brian Curtin, want us to establish the scale of the model with the reference chair. I found that a bit tough at the beginning to pair both of them together nicely. During the short warm up, I did not do as good as I want but once the class progressed to the longer poses I felt more comfortable with it. The model today was David. He was very good at posing in interesting angles. He said that he used to pose during his time at U. of Toronto for eight years.


Wahkor Aquarium

Our semester has ended. So we left Bangkok yesterday morning, drove thru HuaHin, our usual spot further down two more hours to BanKrut beach. It is very very quiet but also very nature. We like it. We found out that there is an aquarium 40 Km. away. So we planned to take Iris there. And Walla... !!!

This is about 7x9 inch watercolor sketch, done life in front of the giant tank at Wahkor Aquarium, Prachuab Kirikhan. It took me about 35 minutes at the tank and I did the blue background at the resort. The remaining pics are us on the beach at the resort in the calm morning. We love you all and miss you and sending you our peaceful positive vibe.



This is about 11x14 inch watercolor from recent Wetcanvas WDE event. I normally don't do WC this way but it is fun to try to play more with brush stroke sometimes.