Bangkok flood evacuation

Hello friends, Tone and I decide to take our young kids and head 120 miles south of Bangkok, to the town we know Hua Hin as our evacuation measure of looming near Bangkok flood. Before I leave the house today, I play "Hungarian Dance #5" on my upstair piano as a good bye to the house. The Ironic is that the song is gypsy feel, and now we are leaving our humble home.... We hope that things get back to normal soon and everyone here is safe. Thanks for your good vibe for us.


Seascape memoir still-life

This is a sketch of things I got from several of beach trips.


Fruit & Veggie Medley

I love to sketch stuffs from the kitchen. I find going to the market and buying these models home an absolute art-life-rewarding. The sketches contain, two peppers, a tomato, an orange, and a pink dragon fruit.