A 10x14 inch watercolor on 140 lb Coldpress Lanaquarelle block as a part of Wetcanvas.com Weekend Drawing Event.


Karen hill-tribe lady

This is a 10x14 inch watercolor on 140 lb Lanaquarell coldpress block of Karen hill-tribe lady, who lives in either Thailand and Burma mountain. The ref. photo is kindly provided by Patty on Wetcanvas.com.


Happy 4th of July !!!

This year we celebrated 4th of July plus two family birthdays: Grandma, and Iris. I cooked up a big lunch meal at my home and let Iris, Grandma and Tone blew the candles together. Tone represented Uncle Sam did all cake cutting, especially the part that he had to cut into the American flag. We all have a good laugh. Grandpa got to see baby Lily too.