Princess Karmela

I can't take my eyes of this little princess. She belongs to a Wetcanvas member. Her photo was used as a referenced photo of this Weekend Drawing Event on Wetcanvas. So here it is a 9x12 inch, mixed media watercolor soft pastel with a few tads of gouache. I had a great fun doing this.



This is a watercolor 6.5x10 inch done from another chair photo I took from High Museum in Atlanta last year.



This is a 4x6 inch watercolor of a chair I saw at High museum, Atlanta last year visit. Please let me know the kind of chairs that fits you. It would be very interesting to see the reflection of you in a chair.


Valentine Moo Moo and Gladiolas

Happy Valentine everyone.

I have fun painting on my Friday night doing a few painting from Wetcanvas WDE photos

Here is the first one, my Moo Moo. This is an 8x10 inch watercolor. I feel a bit frustrate with this one... trying to have more control.

My second one is gladiolas, a watercolor, wet-in-wet technique, 4.5x5.5 inch. I am much relax painting this one, because I just let the paints mingles and waiting for happy accidents.


Test of Time

I love piano. So I can't pass up the opportunity not to paint this one. This is a watercolor, 5.5x7 inch,
ref. image from Flickr by Hryck.


Art Blog Award

I received an Art Blog Award from Jeanne Grant Art Blog. Thank you so much Jeanne. I am to list 7 things I love and then name 7 more artists to honor.

1. I love my family. They support me and are the wind beneath my wing. I always feel fortunate to come home to them: Tone, and my baby Iris. I thank God for my wonderful parents too.

2. I love my plants/garden. When I was young, my first saving went to buy a pink leafty plant. Unfortunately, I went away for a year of an exchange student program in the US., when I came back the plant was gone. It was my first love. Nowadays, I will wake up early morning watering my plants and talk to them and say 'Hello' to them. They are my babies.

3. I love art. Though I discovered art halfway through my Ph.D study in computer science, I always feel fortunate that I found my true love at last. With art, I learn to appreciate many small things in nature or surrounding, in which, it would mean nothing much to me before otherwise. It has healed me out of my stress in life.

4. I love friends. They show up at the right moment in my life. From my childhood, my school friends, my exchanged-student year in Vermont, USA, my Thai penpal, my American penpal, my friends during my study in Alabama, my internet art friends, my kind co-worker. Friends are fascinating and always give you sincere advice and show you how to look at the world in a better way.

5. I love culture. I learned to travel as an exchanged student to the US. to learn that culture may be different but people are the same regardless of where they are. People are basic architecture and culture are decoration. I was away for 8.5 years for my graduate study, and I was back to Thailand with the hunger for Thai culture. I long for Thai traditional life. I hope I get to explore more countries as much as I can.

6. I love to play piano. I learn piano quite late in my senior high school. So I had to be away to university dorms and cannot practice much. Lately I had wrist injury and did not play for two years and I also divide my time between my art and family. So piano has not been much part of my life but I do hope to get back to it little by little.

7. I love to cook. I love shopping for fresh ingredients at the market. I love to grow my own vegetables. My ultimate vacation will be getting to cook leisurely to my friends.

Well now you know what are my loves. So now I'd like to nominate other artists who deserve a nice award.

Rose Herzseg
Diahn Ott

I will be back to complete the list of 7 artists later.