This is an acrylic ink ATC done from life peppers. This is done as a part of art card exchange project on Wetcanvas.


This is an acrylic ink ATC done using the Wetcanvas RIL donated by StalkstheDawn. I am glad I work more on birds. Before, I only do flowers and I was not sure I can do animal. My friend, Jeanne, encourages me to try more birds and I think they come out great.


Buddy parrots

This is an acrylic ink ATC with a dab
of gouache done from Wetcanvas RIL by StalkstheDawn.


Pink head parrot

This is an ATC using acrylic ink for an art exchange project. The ref. image is from Ksar of Wetcanvas RIL.


Salmon crested Cockatoo

This is an ATC done for Wetcanvas exchange project using acrylic ink and some gouache. The ref. photo is from Wetcanvas RIL by Meerkat.

Home Grown...Orchids

Our yellow&red orchids have bloomed recently. We are grateful to have them in our humble garden. I am sure they love us so they take turn to bloom despite I do not give them special orchid fertilizer. I don't want to let their beauty go un-notice, so today I did a plein air little art card from it.

This weekend Iris had a high fever and a cold so we also been very busy taking care of her. However, I still manage to squeeze in some short sessions to sketch and do small art cards while she was sleeping. She seems to get a bit better now. Here are some of the works done during this weekend. Enjoy.



This is a life-drawing ATC size using acrylic ink on a 140 lb Winsor Newton watercolor paper. It was sent to a Wetcanvas member in New Zealand. I still have another one in the same series traveling somewhere to the USA. It was fun to try doing more work in acrylic ink. I am still new to it.


Portugal Countryside

This is a 4x6 inch postcard using Inktense pencils and Micron pens. It is done from the Wetcanvas image library of Bringer as a part of a dream vacation art exchange project. I always wish one day I can visit Europe.


The Egg Project

Well Iris's kindergarten school sent us her project worksheet. Yes !!!, a project for a 3 year old to do research (with her parents) about 3 kinds of eggs and their origins. In Thailand, we normally consume eggs from 3 sources: chicken, duck, and quail. I don't know how much Iris can do her project sheet. So I have to do the research for her and end up drawing the picture of the chicken, the duck, and the quail eggs using color pencils. Tone teases me that Iris (or me) should get an A+ for this project. I try to let her involve as much as possible. But she is only 3 yrs old. So I end up holding her hand and we color the blue arrows together. I also taught her how to identify each type of the egg when she comes in our kitchen. It is fun. I hope she learn something from this.

Jelly Bean, anyone?

This is a color pencil ATC done for a Wetcanvas exchange. The ref. image is from Wetcanvas's RIL. It is fun to do these tiny colorful bits.



This is a life drawing postcard for Wetcanvas's Secret Colorpencil Exchange Project. I set up the persimmons in the blue dish on my desk and drew away happy. I am glad it safely arrived to the secret receiver Liesl and she likes it. She belongs to the CPSA so when she gives me nice words about it, it makes me feel so good.


The wordle web-site creates this special banner just for me based on the frequent words on my blog. I am teaching "Data Mining" to my students. So this is so cool!!! Thanks Diahn for the pointer. You should visit and play around the colors and fonts there. At the moment I have "Postcard", "Wetcanvas", "Watercolor", "Dream", and "Feel" on the top of my list. May be a few years down the road there might be the word "Giant format", or "Show" comes up. ;-) I am getting there.