The Pink Lady

This is an ATC size watercolor for an art exchange project on Wetcanvas. It is a part of the boat series, which I took a bunch of photos from the fishing village at Chaosamran beach, Thailand.

Waiting To Set Sail

This is a 4x6 inch watercolor postcard for an art exchange project on Wetcanvas. I paint this from the photo I took of Chaosamran beach fishing village.


Ferry at rest

This is a 4x6 inch postcard size watercolor for an art exchange project at Wetcanvas. I paint this from my photo when I went to visit a floating market at Phrapradang, a suburb town of Bangkok. I did not paint as much loose as I want it to be but it still comes out quite all right... I think ;-)

Fisherman Village#1

This is a watercolor pen & ink 4x6 inch postcard for an exchange project on Wetcanvas. I was not sure if the painting looks all right. I tried to simplify because the original photo is so complicate with tons of details. After look at it for a while, I think it is OK. I sure have fun painting it and will do some more of these wonderful scenes of Chaosamran Beach.


Baby Creative Day

Well I thought I could easily find time to paint as a part of our 3 day holiday weekend, I was wrong. I was about to paint on my table. Iris saw me and ask to sit with me. I let her on the high chair then she start begging for paint. So I had to stall my own painting session and watch Iris play with my little watercolor pallette. She pick Winsor Newton fan brush out of my brush jar herself. She then dive right into watercolor especially the red one. I thought she shows a good potential for her first time with watercolor. I am her mom so I am truly bias.


Test Of Time...

We woke up to a 3 day holiday weekend. We get an additional day of because of the make up of the Thai mother day (Aug12). Tone grabbed an article from the paper and the map and lead our way to Bangnumpueng Floating market. It is not too far from where we live. It is one of the last green zone near Bangkok and right on Chaopraya river. We had fun shopping at the floating market all morning until Tone drove through a last temple on the route. I felt like we slipped thru the time-machine. This is an old temple from late Ayuthya era (about 300 years ago). Tone, Iris, and I went in side the decaying hall and felt in awe with the mural and the impact that it made us feel back in time three century. And what amaze me is that this temple stood right in the middle of modern world. And many people walk by it.


The Blue Spirit of Chaosamran Beach

This is a Conte Crayon work of a postcard size. This is done as a part of Wetcanvas art exchange project. I took a ton of fishing boat photos while we went to Chaosamran beach, Thailand, 2 months ago. I never have enough of the boat landscape.

Cohasset, Massachusetts

This a Conte crayon work of a postcard size. It is done as a part of a Wetcanvas art project exchange. Last April, Tone and I visit southern coastal town of Massachusetts, USA. We had a little short trip drive along the coast line. This is a harbor scene from this beautiful quiet town, called, Cohasset. There were many gorgeous homes along the shoreline to look at as well.