It takes two to tango. This is about 10x14 inch watercolor from a ref. photo on Flickr by Stefano Bussolon.

Clay pots

This is about 6x8.5 inch watercolor from Wetcanvas's Weekend Drawing Event on Aug 28th. It feels so good to paint again after almost a month of absence. So many things are going on in my life.


It is official.

Well not that I no longer do arts. I still sketch here and there but I have been busy with works and some work related travel on weekends and some allergy attacks. Anyway, we just got an official confirmation from my doctor that Iris will get to be a big sister. The new kid on the block is now 7 weeks old. So Tone and I have to re-prioritize our lifestyle a bit. I have to delay my future big painting trips for a few years but I can still do local painting trip and sketches. In the mean while, I can do a lot more of baby portrait. So here is the fetus's first appearance.