Mini adventure in Bangkok

I am glad I am back to my upbeat self again. I finally get out of my dull funk !!! Today all three of us were free and we went to see my mother. It is too bad that my dad was out of town. We had a big American breakfast then hung out with my mom for a while. Then we all went for a late lunch at the noodle shop near Chaopraya River. We were lucky that my mom was willing to watch Iris for a couple more hours. So we sent both of them back home in a taxi. Tone and I continued our adventure along Chaopraya River. We took a ferry across the river, walk along the old shop house rows, and found a unique cafe' by Chaopraya river overlooking the Temple of the dawn. The tea, coffee, and the sorbet were great. The view was also spectacular. However, I did not sketch there. I was in the mode of soaking up things with all my spirit and happy to wander the city with Tone, without Iris. I love her but sometimes it is nice too to go wherever you want to go without worrying of her well-being. I definitely will come back to sketch at this coffee place by the river. For me, Chaopraya River has always been where I grow up. I feel at peace just to be along this river side.

I chatted a lot with Tone about our destiny in the next 6 years when my obligation here will be up. We did not conclude on anything. Life is so full of uncertainty and we will just enjoy what going on at the moment. Late afternoon, we left the river cafe and walked half a mile to the University of Fine Arts. The traffic was super jam and we were so glad that we walked. On our way, we discovered a new experimental service, free-bike-to-borrow-to-ride in the heavy tourist zones. Next time, Tone and I will check them out to ride around. I got so excited about the bikes and had to take a picture with them. Ain't it cool or what?

Later, we arrived to the University of Fine Arts, which are under heavy renovation.
There were so many gorgeous charming buildings. I can't wait to see them once the renovation is done. Many young Thai high school kids were taking art classes here to prepare themselves for University entrance exam in art or architecture majors. They sat around the sculpture garden to sketch. Next time I will join them.

Last, we crossed the river back and walked through the tiny but very dense market. They always are so full of colors and excitement. So we had a small shopping trip before we rejoined Iris at my mom's place.


Joan said...

Ai - It sounds like a great mini adventure. Time alone with your husband was a nice treat. We are in St. Augustine, Florida now and I plan to do some sketching in the historic part of the city tomorrow. We had a wonderful time in Key West and I painted every day! I hope you get back into the painting mood soon.

Ai said...

Thank you so much Joan. I am feeling much better now and just start to get back to Scavenger Hunt again. I can't wait to see your paintings from the Key.