Colors in my life --- Opera

I break the rules...!!! Yep, ...first, last night I passed out three hours before midnight and ended up skipping one day of "NaBloPoMo". Second, I am in love with "Holbein Opera".

For the first one I was not ashamed that it happened despite my pledge; I was too exhausted to be awake on my Friday night to write a blog after my long tough day of helping my faculty setting up the University's 48 Anniversary Open House event. Anyway, this probably will be the only time that I skipped posting my blog at the end of the night and I wish I did not.

For the second one, Holbein Opera is my uplifting hero. Yes, I am crazy about this color. I was introduced accidentally to Holbein Opera as a part of a sample watercolor set accompanying my purchase of an art instruction book. I love it. It is the sweetest juicy pink I ever seen. Though some people say the Opera is not so good about exposing to light as fading may appear. This quality is also called as "Lightfast" and many have recommended to stay away from using this one in collectible works. My thought is that our life is too short not to trying things so go ahead and embracing the Holbein Opera. I was trying hard to learn about pigments in this family, Opera, Magenta, Permanent Rose,... and I had to admit that I ran into confusions at times.

Last week I happened to see a tropical fruit tree in our campus in bloom. Its flowers took my breath away and reminded me of the beautiful intense pink of Opera. Now though I own a tube of Permanent Rose as Opera's replacement, but my love in Opera never fade away. Ah... first love. !!! I wish you could have seen this tree with me on that day.

Anyway, if you wish to collect one of my not so collectible works, please let me know. I will love to create my art for you with Holbein Opera if I still have some of this color left.


Joan said...

Wow!!!! Those flowers are actually the color of Hoblein Opera. (I have a tube of it too.) I did have an instructor tell me once that I was letting that color take over my painting, so I cut back on using it. But I still love the color!

mARTa said...

This is how I felt when I first opened the tube of oil color Quinacridone Rose. I used it in my perspective piece. I love that color!