February in retrospect

This has been a crazy month for me especially career-wise. I built myself the mental block in revising the curriculum. I postponed it until almost the last minute. However, when I actually worked on it; it went well. This had drained me tremendously. At one point I don't even want to touch a computer or even be on the Internet, not even my beloved Wetcanvas. However, things seem clear up since the semester is about to finish in 2 weeks. Apart from work, there are some happy amazing moments.

One morning we saw baby Iris arranged her toys like a real architectural model as seen in the picture. Another weekend, Iris and I got to share a small desk and a set of color pencils. We both tried to draw/paint something. Tone said that it was too cute that he had to snap a photo. Pls. be the judge.


mARTa said...

Yes, too cute!

"JeanneG" said...

This is such a nice photo and momento of the special time with Iris. I wasn't able to have children so I know how precious they are. Enjoy every minute of her. We have 3 dogs. They are my babies. One is a red golden retriever. We had a golden one for 14 years and she was the most beautiful dog inside and out. Enjoy your time with the neighbor's dog. Those dogs are so wonderful with children.