Surrogate Dog

This evening Tone, Iris, and I went out walking and biking around our gate community. One of our neighbor has a golden-retriever which I have fallen in love with since they moved in our community a year ago. Iris and I rang their door bell, and I asked my neighbor if I could take his golden-retriever for a walk around the village. He kindly said yes and put a collar on "Kung-King" neck. At first Kung-King gave me little struggle but a few minutes later she was well cooperative. Iris enjoyed walking with her too. I've never seen Iris walked by herself around our neighborhood for this long distance. We all ended up walking about a mile and got big smiles at the end. I took Kung-King back to her owner and felt so good. I wish I could have my own dog but right now things are just too crazy for me. So having Kung-King as my surrogate dog today was such a nice solution. Tone said he could see that I smiled a lot when he jogged by. He said it must be the blond thing that does it to me (as Tone is also a blond.) Thank you God for giving me this opportunity.


Joan said...

Having a surrogate dog is a good idea. You can get your exercise walking him and let someone else feed him. lol Does Iris like dogs?

Desiree said...

I am sure Kung-King enjoyed it too! This is by far the best way to have a dog when you are so busy!

mARTa said...

I wish I could find a surrogate owner for my doggie once in a while! I have 'tagged' you at my blog Ai, go check it out!