Tagged !!

I have been tagged by Martha. I guess I have to list 5 things about myself. This is my first time being tagged. I am so flattered.

1. I was raised to be a perfect students and an Asian obedient daughter (I tried to be one). So that I can report to my colonel and later my general father about how many "A"s I got. My dad were always stationed at the base far from our home in Bangkok but when he came back, the only thing I found comfortable to talk to him is about my good grades.
2. I was very creative since I was in 2nd grade; I just did not know myself. I made a patch work similar to a quilt and sewn it into a big apple pillow as a part of my home-economic class. Other than that I did not get to do any art or craft because my mom would yell "go read your book" as soon as she saw me doing it. So I never thought that I could be good in art/craft.
3. I fought hard with my dad to come to America for a one year exchange program in Vermont, which gave me so much beautiful experience and joy and first time skiing and playing sports, singing in high school chorus. My American host mother knows more about my intimate thoughts than my real parents.
4. I took a watercolor workshop at Shelton community college while I almost half way in my Ph.D in computer science at the U. of Alabama. That workshop saved my life. I painted away my stress, frustration, loneliness, sorrow, etc... and I try as much as I can to paint. However, I cannot quit my Ph.D to change to art profession because it is paid for by the Thai government.
5. The last year of my Ph.D study, I moved in to a small Bohemian ghetto old building apartment and found one of my neighbors to be a great pianist. So I ask him to post as a pianist model. I painted about 6 painting of his pianist portrait and gave the best one to him. The following year he flew to see me in Bangkok and we got married in 2003. He is the biggest fans of my art.

Well I will try to tag: Joan Tavolotte, Michelle Himes, Jeanne Grant, Rose Herczeg, and Kate McNally. They are my lovely art friends.


mARTa said...

thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with us! Your creative soul could not be extinguished!!!!

Michelle Himes said...

Ai, thanks for the comments you left on my blog. I have been tagged twice before, so if you scroll down on my blog, you can find 5 things, and then 7 things about me. I'm not sure that I can think up anything else that strangers would find interesting. Both times I was unsuccessful at getting the people that I tagged to participate, so I will not try to tag anyone else.