A Day of Painting

This is a gouache postcard of me a few years ago, back when I was early pregnant with baby Iris and was painting plein air during a vacation. May be this is the secret why Iris is always such a blessing, happy and laughable baby today. This is my first time with gouache, still feel very much similar to watercolor to me. I expect it to be much drastic different.


Desiree said...

These are wonderful! gouche is not transparent, do you still work with them or do you prefer watercolor now. Thanks for all your posts on my blog, its so nice hearing from you often. I love the baby's name, Iris, so lovely.

Ai said...

Thank you very much Desiree. I just bought these gouche a few days ago and they are the only brand around the shop of my neighborhood. So I was not sure that the opacity was not so obvious because they are not so high quality or what. But since I got them now I will try to use them as much as I can.

Joan said...

I love this of you painting in plein air. It will be interesting to see the difference the gouche makes in your paintings. I'll be back to check.