Sculpture naming

Well after that special busy daywork, I went to a sculpture show. The works belong to my sculpture teacher and his parents. That is right; my teacher grows up in a sculpture artist family, just like Andrew Wyeth in the US. modern art circle. My teacher's father Chumreung Vichienket received the Thai national artist in sculpture sometime ago. My teacher's mother was also an art professor in sculpture. My teacher is Yanpol Vichienket, one of the Thai modern sculptors. My school had commissiond him and his dad to do a sculpture installed in front of our faculty lawn. So five years ago I took a short sculpture workshop on the weekend at his home studio. I enjoyed it so much but later I was busy teaching on the weekend and ended up did not get to continue work in sculpture.

However, my teacher had asked me to name several of his works in English and also sometimes in Thai. The first big piece I named was a big horse sculpture called "Auspicious" as seen in the pic. My teacher liked that English name so much that he used it to name his modern horse series works. He told me that the name I gave him help him make good sales. I think having read lots of English magazines and books when I was young, loving art, knowing the Thai people, and spending quite some years in the US.; so those all help me to come up with the good English sculpture names for Thai buyers. A lot of his art clients are the Thai high-profile people. The following year I named another piece of his master piece,"Soulmate", which was a work of a unity of a spoon and fork. This year his mother had asked me to name a mother-child sculptures for her. She knows that I have already have a child on my own. So I will understand her works. Some of the names I gave was "Endless Love", "Dilemma of Life", "My Tender Heart", "You are the love of my life", "Devotion", "Mommy Mommy". So that night I was thrilled to get invite to see all the works that I named. I also reunited with one of my workshop friend. She did the cat sculpture in one of the pic. Later that night, though unprepared I had to help my teacher to do an ad-hoc charity sculpture auction at the show. He asked me to translate the scripts into English for prospective English speaking buyers. The proceed of this auction went to Breast Cancer foundation of Chula Hospital. I was having fun that night and felt so good to unexpectedly help Breast Cancer cause.

So eventhough I might not get to be a professional artist at least I can say that I am a professional sculpture naming expert.


Joan said...

Tell your teacher that I think these sculptures are lovely...very flowing and moving. You do have a knack for naming things. It must have been a great show to see.

ACEO's By Rose said...

Ai, as Joan said, you have a knack for naming sculptures!!! You are multi-talented! what an honor to be invited to the exhibit! You look so lovely too, must have been a very special night out!