Happy b-day...art girl

Well tomorrow is my b-day. In one way I am getting so close to 40. I have a few years to spare. In another way, this year I feel great, with the exception of minor minor bugs on my wrist and eyes but other than that I feel super and I am well. Unlike the past two years, which I had always been sick like a dog on my previous b-days. So therefore, this year I feel "SUPER" despite a little bigger number. I pray the Lord let me live happily and healthy to do tons more paintings.

Well I got myself a TREK 4300 Lady mountainbike yesterday as my b-day gift. Tone was there at Probike too to help me listen to the instruction how to lock and unlock the wheels and etc. If one said that you should think through a couple of months before making a big purchase, then I must be too conservative about this purchase. I had waited for 7 years to get it. I bought the helmet, the gloves, the lady contour seat, the bike tools, the MTB (Mountainbike) resource book the last month before I packed my stuff back to Thailand from the US after my graduation in Dec 2001. I did not buy the bike and ship it back to Thailand then because I did not know how. I was afraid it will get damaged during shipping. And once I was back to Thailand, I was too busy working and did not have time to go biking. Well I am still busy but my knee doctor used to say that biking is good for you. No joint pressure. So I will use it as often as I can, at least around our neighborhood.

On the way back to home from the bike shop, Tone and I decided to stop at the Secret Garden restaurant and cafe to pick up some cake to take home. Tone surprised me by asking me to stop there for lunch before getting the cake. It was such a nice place, my kind of place, happy garden style, a little bit too elegance for me but I can happily take it. I felt like sitting in a room, which come out of Laura Ashley catalog. As you will see in one of the picture below. Another picture shows me and my artwork 1 day before my 3? birthday. When I got home, my Grade1 friend called me to say Happy Birthday. We have been friends for 30 years now. So I could not ask God for more of my quiet but precious birthday celebration.


Joan said...

Ai - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It sounds like you had a great day. You need to pack a backpack with your art supplies and take a ride on that new bike. I love the pinwheel. It is so colorful!! That is a nice happy painting. Enjoy yourself!

Ai said...

Thank you very much Joan. Your blessing brighten up my days.

Desiree said...

Happy belated birthday!!! You have a great blog too, I will look at it often. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love you pinwheel painting, you are getting so good!!!

ACEO's By Rose said...

Ai, I didn't know it was your birthday on the 21st!!! I'm soooo sorry I missed it, my art angel. You don't look a day over 18, so don't let the numbers scare you. I'm 46 and it doesn't bother me a bit (now! ;))

I'm glad you had a great day, you deserved it! And the mountain bike.. you go, girl! I am not brave enough for that! I thank you for letting me share in your life and glad you felt well enough to celebrate! God bless you always! xoxoxo Rose