2007 in retrospect...Part 1/3

Well the past year has been great to my art. I did not set any specific goal. I did not paint big format this year and did not enter the group show of The Thai Watercolor Society. Despite my busy career and growing attention that my 2nd year old daughter needs, I manage to paint about 80 art cards varies from ATC size up to postcard size. These art cards are part of 3 art exchange projects I join on wetcanvas.com. I remember signing up one after another despite feeling a little bit tired toward the end. I guess when I finish one card I feel great. And that pushes me thru the years. I have fun trying many different medium too besides my usual watercolors. I am so thankful for these projects that not just hone my skills but allowing me to get to know many art friends. So here are some of them that I have not posted before.

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Joan said...

Wow!! You did a lot of these. You have such a wide range of subjects here. I hope 2008 brings you lots of success and happiness.