2008 -- new year resolution

Well, I make a pact with Rose, my art angel that in the lovely year 2008 we will first, show our work more consistently on our blog and secondly, we need to transform ourselves from art-material collectors to artists who use up their art-materials. I hope you join along by checking out my blog frequently. The picture below show how Iris gets excited with the colorful unwrapped balloon in our neighbor new year party. I think she got the excited-by-color gene from me. Who wouldn't?


Joan said...

I think you and Rose came up with some good resolutions. I try to update my blog often too. I'll be checking back on yours.

ACEO's By Rose said...

Ai, Thank you for sharing me on your blog. I know that you will get me motivated. You are MY angel and I really enjoyed reading a lot of your blog. Wish I had more time today.. will read more soon. I think you're super! I like what you wrote about Tone! Wow.. an F5 tornado under your wing.. you really soar!!! Happy 2008, let's make it a super one! Hugs, Rose