Baby Sketch#2

I tried this yesterday. It seems improve a little from a day before. Anyway I enjoy making it so much and decide to put some Conte Crayon on the sketch. Her body still looks off proportion here and there but that is OK. I will try some more.
6x15 inch Conte Crayons.


Joan said...

Babies are not the easiest little people to draw. I think you did a nice job of capturing her pose, both here and in the ink sketches. Keep sketching her and measure out her body proportions until you're happy with them.

ACEO's By Rose said...

Ai, I love your sketches... I should pull out some of the drawings I used to do of my daughter when she was a baby.. oy, long ago!!! You did wonderful! I think it's so great you can draw her when she is sleeping and it doesn't bother her... aren't children so peaceful when they are napping?? So beautiful!