The Scorpion

He is from the Thai mountain jungle. I saw him coming out to taste the morning dew in the mid of the mountain road in Lumpang province, north of Thailand. I put him as one of the Ref. photo for the Weekend Drawing Event this week on Wetcanvas. So I have to give him a try.

It is about 10.5x15 inch OP. I am still struggle with OP but I am sure the more I do it the better I learn about this medium. In this piece originally I mess up the top left background by adding a bright orange in a big blob that does not add anything to the whole. So I crop my painting a lot more out on the left. and here it is. Who would have thought that a "flower" lady like me is doing a piece of a scorpion.


Joan said...

Ai - You are doing a great job with the ops!!! This came out really nice! I love the colors in it. Ops are a medium I need a lot of practice with, or else need to never touch them at all. LOL

Rose said...

OOOH, you're playing with OP's.. that is awesome Ai! I wish I had more time, maybe when all this sickness in our house is over. I miss it. Great job!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day. Say hi to Tone and Iris xoxox Rose

mARTa said...

Is ops oil pastel? It looks like oil pastel. I love this! What beautiful colors! Splendid!