Beach Gossip

This is a watercolor 4.5x10.5 inch done from a Weekend Drawing Event on Wetcanvas. I am glad I have some art energy back after a few days feeling under the weather and exhaustion from work.


mARTa said...

Oh I love this! It makes me think of two old women gossiping while their children jump in the waves! The art exchange I'm in is with 4 other online artist. Sharon from Flat Sound of Wooden clogs invited us to join her in an exchange. I am just now getting into my contribution to the exchange. I hope they will like my art!

Ai said...

Thanks Marta for the info. You will have so much fun.

José said...


Maybe it could be a good idea if people who like gossiping, turned into these little birds....:-)
Interesting work.

Kind regards,


Ai said...

Thank you very much Jose for stopping by.