Canal biking...

I am very busy this weekend, having fun hosting both Wetcanvas Scavenger Hunt and Weekend Drawing Event. However, we are lucky to have a little break this morning. Today it was cool, no hot sun, and good windy day, perfect to go biking around our orchard neighborhood. We got our nanny to watch Iris. So Tone and I hopped on our bikes and did a nine Kilometer trip. We went for a total of 3 hours because most of the trip was on narrow walkway along canals, which cutting through orchard green zone of Bangkok. We discover many unique ways of Thai life. For example, the first photo shows the canal-side gas station for long tail boats. Some photos show the local convenient shop along the canal, in which they do carry a pulley system that you can yell at them such as the drink you want. Then they will put your drink can into either a basket, or some kind of container hanging from the pulley. Then they will reel the merchandise to you in the air across the canal. Then you put your money into the basket and then they reel the money back to them. One of the photo you will see me standing with my bike along the canal walk way and on the background there was a giant net with bamboo frame. That was a Thai traditional way called "Yok-Yor" to fish in water way. When they want to harvest the fishes, they will lower the net under the canal, wait for a while, then pull the bamboo frame up to lift the net in the air. If they lucky, there will be some fishes at the bottom of the net. Even I am a Thai but I hardly encounter this type of traditional Thai life. Tone and I have fun and love our mini adventure today. We feel very blessed to get to do this.

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