Feeling French !!!

Today I join a weekend drawing event (WDE) on Wetcanvas. The theme ref. photos are all from France. Here are two of my results. Next week, I will host the WDE for photos from Thailand. So pls. join me on Wetcanvas.

"French Daffodils", a 3.5 x 6.5 inch watercolor.

"Bell Tower", a 6.5x10.5 inch watercolor with a touch of Stabilo pen.


Rose said...

Very beautiful colors, Ai.

I need to ask you when you have a chance, what is the right way to use Gouache? I have a whole set of 24 Holbeins I am dying to try, but want to do it the right way. Any advice? xoxo


"JeanneG" said...

Both are nice but I love the bright colors in the first one.

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Love them both... looking forward to you hosting next week.

Joan said...

Ai - Wonderful job on the recent paintings. Looks like I missed a wonderful set of WDE photos. I'm so behind on checking things I missed!!! I definitely will join in next weekend.