Portugal Countryside

This is a 4x6 inch postcard using Inktense pencils and Micron pens. It is done from the Wetcanvas image library of Bringer as a part of a dream vacation art exchange project. I always wish one day I can visit Europe.


mARTa said...

Good morning Ai! What an airy feeling this card has. The colors so cherry and bright. I have never tried inktense pencils. Why do you like them better than other watercolor pencils?

Joan said...

Ai - You have to get to Europe!! You'd have such a great time there! This looks so lovely...just like the Portugese countryside!

Ai said...

Marta: Thank you. Honestly, I am so new to watercolor pencils. I have a big set of C'ran Dach 84 watercolor pencils but I have not yet used them enough to say if I like them or not.

For the Inktense, I heard so many Wetcanvas friend talking about it. So I bought a 24 pencil set during my last visit to the US. From the demo VDO, it says that once the below layer of the Inktense is dry, you can paint over it, hence the acrylic quality. Yes, I need to practice more on both: the pure watercolor pencils, and the Inktense.

Joan: Thanks. I wish I could go to Europe but I make money in Thai Baht, which is 4 times, less than US Dollars. So it is quite hard to save money to go to the super expensive Europe. But one day I will be there.

"JeanneG" said...

I like this one. I love how the intense pencils have such vibrant color after the water is applied.